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I am a humble actor and comedian starting off with comedy at the dinner table with my family into a two hour affair with mom and sister telling jokes and stories.

At the age of 21 I started modeling and did some acting, but my full-time work took up most of my time. Then a few years later my family and work got in the way of my acting and my modeling career.

After a my divorce I took some acting and world class comedy courses at the
Caroline's Comedy Club in NYC.

I honed my comedy skills and acting skills. My sharp tongue, quick wit and sarcasism.  My comedy and wit are  compared to Jerry Seinefield as an observation comedian. My acting is first rate mostly playing a Mobster or Government Official  and High Ranking Police Officer.

Allan Gitlin Jack Of All Comedy and Trades he is Charismatic, crazy, creative, daring, dastardly, hilarious, hyper, hysterical and of course zany! 
Mr. Gitlin is armed with a sharp tongue and a quick wit. He has been known to strike without warning!

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